Amanda Koprowski, Managing Editor

Amanda Koprowski,   Managing Editor ABF JOURNAL

Amanda Koprowski,
Managing Editor

Beginnings can be scary, especially when you see the size of a project in front of you, and how far you’ll have to go. But they can also be invigorating, giving you a chance to re-shape an idea, an organization or even, yes, a magazine from the ground up.  

Sometimes, those beginnings can mean second chances. Regular contributor Hugh Larratt-Smith takes a look at the ways rescue capital has been used to bring companies back from the brink since the 19th century, giving them fresh starts to re-build.

Other times, a beginning can mean new innovation or entirely new industries, something the participants in our 2019 Fintech Roundtable know a little about as they look back on the ways fintech has influenced the banking and lending industries. 

In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, beginnings can often mean a sale to move onto something new or a purchase to bring untapped customers to an existing business. ABF Journal editor Chelsea Kirtley sat down with Ralph Della Ratta to breakdown the results of Citizens Bank’s M&A survey and parse out what it means for the near future.

And occasionally, new beginnings mean acknowledging the past and bringing it with you as you move forward. For Heather Villa, this means celebrating the International Factor Association’s annual conference, while for CFA’s Rich Gumbrecht and Dave Grende, it means a new website, a new logo and even a new organization name: the Secured Finance Network. As for CAN Capital’s CEO, Ed Siciliano, he plans to bring the lessons he’s learned over the course of his career and apply them to his new position.

In our regular columns, Patrick Walsh helps an auto parts manufacturer find a fresh start in a Turnaround Corner case study, while Charlie Perer asks “Who is the king of SOFAs?” in a Specialty Lending article exploring both the modern application and historical origins of Secured Over Formula Advances.

As the new managing editor of ABF Journal, I can see the scope of the task in front of me, and I’m excited at the possibilities it opens up. Taking on this position while the magazine continues its year-long re-brand and re-fresh offers a dizzying array of opportunities and an adventurous journey, one our readership gets to take with us. I can’t wait to show you where this beginning will lead.

I look forward to seeing you again in April for our Turnaround Management issue.